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Artist meets choreographer (and vice versa)

“Put differently, the performer wants to fill the immaterial image - flat, smooth and two-dimensional - with sand and give it a certain thickness, corporeality and three-dimensionality. For Desbazeille this notion runs parallel with the dream of being able to grasp the image in its fullness. Psychoanalysis tells us that the public lust for watching wants, after all, to violate a positive referential depth: the images can be ‘read’ as metaphors of social dealings between people. But conversely the pictorial logic of this scene seems precisely to avoid this seriousness: ‘the more you look, the less you see (of the ‘truth’/‘meaning’)’. The performers’ manipulations and erasures mean that the ‘thick’ image is repeatedly thinned in the public’s act of looking. The metaphor loses its referential depth and becomes superficial, visually superficial.”

An introduction by Bert Vandenbussche